Trade stock index futures, forex, commodities, and economic events—all from one account.

Imagine you spot an uptrend in the Dow and at the same time, you see that it may be in response to weakness in the euro currency. You think about profiting from the stock rally and at the same time, wonder if you might do a quick short sell in EUR/USD forex.

What if you could trade both ideas from one account, which you could open in five minutes and fund with a debit card with a low minimum opening balance? That’s the kind of unique access Meta FX Trading offers its members: low cost of entry, a wide variety of markets across the entire spectrum of the global economy, all with the limited risk and short-term results unique to binary options and spreads.

Stock Index Futures

Instead of day trading stocks or ETFs, try trading short-term binaries and spreads on the underlying futures prices of major US and global stock indexes.


Currencies are the world’s largest market, with huge volume and opportunities, but also unlimited risk. Use limited-risk binary options to trade the most popular forex pairs.


Commodities like gold, crude oil, and grains are part of our daily lives, but may be expensive to trade. Binary options let you trade commodity futures with low collateral and limited risk.


Bitcoin has reached mainstream popularity and soared in value, but can be volatile. Meta FX Trading Bitcoin Spreads let you trade this exciting new market with limited risk.